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GET INFORMED ISA is the trusted provider of standards-based, foundational technical resources. Publications, standards, webinars, and training are developed by subject matter experts and are organized by technical topics.

ISA Publications & Standards

PUBLICATIONS AND STANDARDS Publishing Written and reviewed by experts, ISA publications help keep automation professionals fully informed about the latest technical developments, applications, trends, and standards. Technical topics include safety, cybersecurity, instrumentation, process control, wireless technology, and many more.

Standards ISA develops consensus industry standards for automation technologies and applications in key areas such as security, safety, batch control, enterprise integration, wireless communications, traditional instrumentation, measurement, and control.


  • ISA offers over 180 technical resources, including print and digital books, magazines, journals, newsletters, technical papers, proceedings, and more
  • InTech magazine—ISA's flagship publication—provides the most thought provoking and authoritative coverage of automation technologies, applications, and strategies to enhance automation professionals’ on-the-job success
  • ISA's technical library includes more than 5,500 technical papers from ISA conferences, covering topics effectively in every area of automation. It contains contributions from experts from around the world to keep you informed and ready to solve today's problems
  • ISA Transactions is a journal of advances in science and engineering of measurement and automation, seeking to bridge the theory and practice gap. It includes topics of value to industrial practitioners and applied researchers—covering artificial intelligence to continuous process control and much more

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  • ISA Standards help automation professionals streamline processes and improve industry safety, efficiency, and profitability
  • A standard is a set of characteristics or quantities that describes the features of a product process, service, interface or manual
  • Since 1949, ISA has been recognized as the expert source for automation and control systems consensus industry standards
  • ISA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop standards following open participation rules that ensure the views of all participants are considered in a balance of interests including users, suppliers, integrators, regulators/government, and others 
  • ISA committees contain over 4,000 individuals working to develop standards in diverse areas 

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WEBINARS Webinars allow you to deepen your understanding about a topic of interest without leaving your desk. Join our industry experts as they explore solutions to real problems and discuss trending topics.


  • ISA offers both live and pre-recorded webinars
  • Webinars are led by industry leaders and address emerging issues
  • You can provide webinars at your location for an unlimited number of participants for one low fee

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ISA Education & Certification

EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND CERTIFICATION Education & Training ISA has leading-edge training available on topics that matter most: Communications, Control Systems, Cybersecurity, Plant Maintenance and Safety. Courses are offered online via self-instruction, online instructor-assisted, or at a regional classroom location.

Certification ISA certification provides an objective, third-party assessment and confirmation of a person's skills, and gives them the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be recognized. ISA currently offers two certification programs: Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) and Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®). 


  • Instructor-Led Training ISA's courses are known and respected worldwide for their unbiased, practical approach to technology application. For more than 65 years, ISA has built upon its proven track record of identifying and providing the real-world resources needed by organizations and automation and control professionals by working with leading content experts to deliver rapid, customized solutions
  • Onsite Training provides flexible solutions for your company. ISA can bring our industry-leading instructors, proven training materials, and indispensable hands-on training devices directly to you. You get customized solutions that are highly convenient, cost effective, flexible, and specially designed to help you improve your productivity and efficiency and avoid unscheduled downtime
  • Training Partners. In addition to its onsite and computer learning courses, ISA partners with other organizations to bring our technical training to professionals and students around the globe

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  • Certified Automation Professional (CAP) ISA CAP certification provides an objective assessment and confirmation of an automation professional's skills—specifically, the CAP exam is focused on direction, definition, design, development/application, deployment, documentation, and support of systems, software, and equipment used in control systems, manufacturing information systems, systems integration, and operational consulting. CAPs are an elite group of automation professionals that have proven they possess an extensive knowledge of automation and controls
  • Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) ISA's CCST program provides an objective assessment and confirmation of a technician's skills. CCSTs are skilled in pneumatic, mechanical, and electronic instrumentation. They understand process control loops and process control systems, including computer-based systems
  • ISA Certificate Programs — Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Certificate Program — Cybersecurity Certificate Program 
  • Control Systems Engineer (CSE) Licensure Preparation Control systems engineering is a branch of professional engineering which requires an understanding of the science of instrumentation and the automatic control of dynamic processes. The ability to apply this knowledge to the planning, design, development, operation, and evaluation of control systems to ensure the safety and practical operability of such processes is a must. The CSE examination includes elements of electrical, mechanical, chemical, and other branches of engineering, centered on the technologies needed for feedback and feedforward control of dynamic systems

Learn more about ISA Certification and Certificate Programs here.